Cristal de roche, agate, améthyste… Ces pierres brutes inspirent les créations de Nelly Guyot. Rehaussées par l’argent, elles révèlent ainsi leur transparence presque liquide telle une invitation à la sérénité. De véritables sculptures modernes à porter.


Rock crystal, agate, amethyst … These rough stones inspire the creations of Nelly Guyot. Enhanced by silver, they reveal their almost liquid transparency as an invitation to serenity. True modern sculptures to wear.


colliers et pendentifs


boucles d’oreilles



“You should absolutely take a moment – if you are in PARIS – to visit the temporary exhibition of my dear friend, Nelly Guyot, 15 galerie de Montpensier Palais Royal before Sunday evening. She has been over the years a great stylist, mostly for the home magazines. Today, she has started a new life in creating an amazing collection of jewels. I am so proud of the results of her creativity. It’s beautiful. Bravo Nelly ! Congratulations Nelly !”

Francoise Marguerite Labro

parution côté paris avril – mai 2021